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Services >> Aesthetic >> Vitamin C Facial

What is it?

Vitamin C treatment provides immediate results, while neutralizing environmental and sun damage. Your skin will feel smoother and firmer.

Who is this for?

This facial is suited for any skin type including sensitive skin.

How does it work?

An antioxidant is a substance that prevents other chemicals in our body from becoming “oxidized”; this is a chemical reaction leading to cellular damage. The most common antioxidants available are Vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene. In our body, antioxidants combat harmful free radicals, which are by-products that are formed when oxygen is used in the body. Free radicals start a chain reaction under the skin’s surface, which results in damage to the skin at a cellular level. Ultraviolet light from the sun causes the production of free radicals in the skin, which can also be harmful to us. Medical studies suggest that antioxidants can protect the skin from free radicals, which is why we recommend topical antioxidants as part of a daily skin care program.