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June Specials

Hydrate your skin this summer and get your glow on!

Summertime is here, which means beaches, sunshine and sunburn (ouch my skin hurts already). Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you to hide inside all summer - just to adjust your skincare routine. You can enjoy the delights of summer while protecting your skin for an all-season glow. Before you hit the sand or catch some rays, don’t forget to always toss sunscreen in your bag!

Summer brings hot days and that means sweat! This means makeup, dirt and oil are more easily trapped in our pores. So, you may want to opt for a lighter makeup routine and regular skin exfoliant. Increased sweating also means we’re losing more water, so stay hydrated. That means drinking more water and applying hydrating skin care products to your face and body.

Offer while supplies last. Non transferable.

Treat acne this summer for clearer skin in the fall!

Summer is here and it's a beautiful time of year. The weather is warm and the days are long, but the season can also bring oily skin, blackheads, and increased breakouts for your teen. Why? Heat can bring on sweating, increased oil production, and clogged pores. All of these can make acne worse. But just a few changes in your skincare routine can help control those breakouts all summer long and have them beaming with clear skin for back to school in the fall!

• Use a Foaming Cleanser
• Grab an Astringent
• Lighten Up Your Moisturizer
• Use a Good Sunscreen Daily
• Shower After You Sweat

Take the fight against their acne up a notch with one of our incredible and effective acne treatments!

Rose Glow Facial is offered only during the month of May. Rosehip Cleanser gift is only while supplies last. Non transferable.

Acne Extraction $50 (30 min) 50% OFF regular price of $100!
We all have struggled with acne at one point in our lives. Most people want to pop a stubborn pimple in the moment, but by doing so, you could end up causing more damage to your skin. Acne extractions can be very beneficial for unclogging your pores when performed correctly. An acne extraction is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore with the help of special, sterile tools. The esthetician wears gloves and will then proceed to apply gentle pressure around the pore to extract the contents.Extractions help to clear out all of the unwanted gunk inside of your pores, including dirt, makeup, sweat, and excess sebum.
*Special pricing with Heather D. only! Offer ends June 30th

Rose Glow Facial is offered only during the month of May. Rosehip Cleanser gift is only while supplies last. Non transferable.

Purifying Acne Facial $125 (60 min) Regular price $175 - a $50 savings!
Our Purifying Acne Facial is a deep-pore cleansing facial designed to relieve breakouts and eliminate blackheads. It includes exfoliation and then a detoxifying mask customized for the individual needs of each client. Extractions are then performed under a magnifying lamp with a bright light so that your esthetician can easily see your pores and help get rid of problem pimples. Proper hydration will be applied at the end along with SPF protection.
*Special pricing with Heather D. only! Offer ends June 30th

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