SRT Treatment for Skin Cancer

What is SRT?

Superficial radiation therapy, or SRT, is a skin cancer treatment offering limited discomfort, no cutting or stitches and little to no scarring. SRT has emerged as one of the most effective — and most sought-after — options to treat basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It also treats non-malignant tumors that cause keloids.

Delivered by an experienced radiation oncologist, SRT offers a 98.7% skin cancer cure rate, making it a competitive choice compared to skin surgery and Mohs surgery options.

Candidates for SRT include people with multiple skin cancers at the same time, patients with a fear of needles or surgery, patients unfit for surgery due to significant cardiac or pulmonary disease, and patients on anti-coagulation medications.

Benefits of SRT for skin cancer

Rather than cutting the cancer from the skin, SRT uses a precise dose of external radiation to destroy the cancer cells. The radiation only goes skin-deep, limiting risk to healthy internal tissues.

Since the treatment does not involve cutting, bleeding or stitches, there’s little to no pain, low risk of infection and no need for reconstructive plastic surgery.

There is also no downtime or special precautions following treatment — you can continue working and bathing following treatment.

SRT is a safer treatment option for skin cancer

SRT can be especially beneficial if you have existing conditions that make skin surgery more risky, such as conditions that make you slow to heal or increase your risk of serious bleeding like diabetes or treatment that involves blood thinners.

The nonsurgical nature of SRT also means there’s no need for anesthesia and no bandages and dressings to maintain.

After SRT

After SRT, your surgeon will speak with you about the risk factors of developing future skin cancers. Patients who have experienced skin cancer should listen carefully to the advice of their specialist, as they are more likely to develop new cancers down the line.  

Patients will be reminded to practice sun safety, encouraged to wear sunblock routinely, and may be put on an adjusted schedule for skin examinations. Physicians may also recommend patients visit the office's medical esthetician for routine maintenance and after care.

Maintaining good communication with your physician after a skin cancer diagnosis is essential.


Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center is proud to offer the non-surgical, gold-standard treatment for nonmelanoma skin cancer.

GentleCure is a gentle, surgery-free treatment that is safe and has a 99%+ cure rate in basal and squamous cell skin cancers. Treatment is done right in the dermatology office over the course of a few weeks using an advanced Image-Guided SRT machine. It is the only skin cancer treatment with ultra-sound imaging that lets you see the cancer on the screen and review the progress made throughout the course of the treatment until there are no visible signs of cancer.

If you suspect that you have skin cancer or have recently been diagnosed and were told you need treatment, schedule an appointment with us today. We offer GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT)—the surgery-free, gold-standard treatment for skin cancer. On your first visit, we will review your pathology report, discuss your treatment goals, and work with you to determine the treatment option that best meets your needs.

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