Fraxel DUAL

Learn What This Fraxel Laser Can Do for Your Skin

No matter your age, everyone wants to know the secret to glowing, flawless skin. After purchasing over-the-counter products again and again, it can feel impossible to find something that will truly rejuvenate your skin.

What if we told you there was a way to get that youthful, smooth skin in just a matter of minutes? Kiss your insecurities good-bye with Fraxel Laser treatment.

What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

First, let’s clarify what exactly Fraxel Laser treatment is. This procedure is a non-invasive laser skin treatment treatment that works to smooth out fine lines in the skin. It can also help treat any unwanted pigmentation, including aging and sun spots.

So, how does Fraxel Laser treatment work? Fraxel, a laser skin resurfacing device, uses laser rays to replace damaged skin cells with healthy skin tissue.

These lasers produce “microthermal” zones deep within the skin that the skin later repairs by removing the old, damaged tissue and restoring it with new tissue.

At Kalia Dermatology& Laser Center, the choice is yours between two Fraxel Laser treatments, one of which is Fraxel Dual. This treatment is fractional and non-ablative, giving you amazing results without creating an open wound.

What is a Fraxel DUAL Laser?

The Fraxel DUAL Laser is a tool used for skin resurfacing. It treats a “fraction” of your skin, treating every zone of the skin, but leaving the remaining skin untouched. Because of this, the healing process is much faster compared to an ablative treatment.

We call this laser “non-ablative” because it uses less energy than ablative lasers, which have a significantly longer recovery time due to their action of completely removing the skin’s outer layer.

This laser produces a multitude of deep MTZs, or microscopic treatment zones, to attack aging and damaged skin. The old cells are removed while the laser’s heat tightens skin and stimulates the production of collagen.

The Fraxel DUAL Laser offers two treatment modes, each working at different wavelengths. The 1550nm is the best option if you’re targeting deep lines and scarring, and are looking to get rid of any acne scars.

However, if you’re more focused on correcting your skin texture and tone, you may want to consider the 1927nm. Although the number is larger, this treatment doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply as the 1550nm. It’s a great option when managing sun damage.

Your Fraxel DUAL Laser Treatments

The Fraxel DUAL Laser is the perfect tool for skin resurfacing and treating numerous concerns, like uneven skin tone and pigmentation, scars, sun damage, lines and wrinkles, and irregular skin texture.

As for treatments, most patients have up to six treatments before they achieve their desired skin. These treatments are often strategically spaced six weeks apart to account for healing. Depending on your specific matter and skin type, you may need fewer or additional treatments.

What to Expect

If you’re ready to bring your skin back to life, but aren’t quite sure what to expect from your Fraxel DUAL Treatment, don’t worry! We’re happy to break down the process for you, so you can feel confident as you walk through the doors of Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center.

At the beginning of your treatment, your medical provider will cleanse the selected area of skin and apply a numbing cream. This will remain on the skin for 40 minutes prior to your treatment. They will then use the laser over the area, overlapping both horizontally and vertically. At this point, it’s normal to feel a small prickling or burning sensation. The treatment usually takes about 25 minutes

You can also anticipate a coolant during your session.

After your Fraxel Laser treatment, you can immediately get back to your everyday routine, but remember to take proper care of your treated area. Keep it well-moisturized and away from the sun. It’s also a good idea to avoid sleeping on the affected area to prevent any swelling. If you have any continuing skin pain, use a cold ice pack for relief.

Fraxel Laser Treatment Near You

Start your journey to perfect skin at Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center. Our medical providers are certified to use the tools necessary to enhance the look and feel of your skin.

If you’re interested in other treatments aside from lasers, we can do that, too! Get pampered by our medical providers or smooth out your skin with Botox or dermal fillers. No matter what your skin wishes are, we can help you make them a reality.

Don’t wait! You can call to schedule your consultation to make an appointment by giving us (408) 356-1000.

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Monique WiIson, MD on Fraxel DUAL

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