Regain Control of Your Body With ThermiVa

It’s completely normal and expected for your body to change with age, but when it starts to affect your self-confidence, it’s time to look for a solution. At Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center in Los Gatos, California, our board certified physicians can revitalize your vaginal tissues, strengthen your pelvic floor, and reduce vaginal dryness with gentle ThermiVa® radiofrequency treatments. To learn more about ThermiVa, call or click for an appointment at Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center today.

What is ThermiVa?

Women don't want to feel as though they've lost control of their body - especially when it affects parts of their life. ThermiVa is an innovative, non-surgical technology to restore the elastic, youthful properties to the inner and outer vaginal area without the need for plastic surgery, pain, or downtime. ThermiVa is based on advanced radiofrequency technology to rejuvenate the elasticity and strength of the tissues in the area.

ThermiVa is a noninvasive treatment for vaginal revitalization. The treatment uses radiofrequency to gently warm the tissues within your vaginal canal and cause your collagen to flourish. Collagen is an essential fibrous protein throughout your body that gives your tissues strength and structure.

How is ThermiVa performed?

Your physician will discusses the treatment with you in detail during your initial consultation at Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center. With her help, you can review the potential results in your case and decide if the treatment is right for you.

The ThermiVa device is a slender "S" shaped handheld probe that delivers controlled thermal radiofrequency energy directly to targeted areas. During the ThermiVa treatment, your physician uses that specialized, smooth plastic wand device to reach your deep tissues. The device is only half an inch wide and designed to feel comfortable along the contours of your vaginal canal. A small metal electrode on the end of the wand emits gentle and even radiofrequency energy as you recline and relax.

A single ThermiVa treatment takes about 20-45 minutes and feels like a therapeutic massage. The procedure does not involve any pain or discomfort and requires no recovery time. When you leave the office, you can go back to your typical daily activities immediately — you can even engage in sexual activity later the same day.

By focusing on triggering collagen production in the vaginal region, the technology is capable of dramatically improving the tissues in the area. It is currently the only technology that can improve both the external and internal structures in the vaginal area.

The Importance of Collagen

Collagen is a protein that makes your skin firm and elastic.  The natural aging process can diminish collagen.  When the skin has less collagen, it can lose it’s youthful appearance. By using radio frequency energy, skin is heated to stimulate and re-build your body’s own collagen, naturally. Treatments using radio frequency technology are widely used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

A convenient radio frequency treatment, performed in-office

  • Non-invasive, non-ablative, non-surgical, and no anesthesia required

  • No hormones

  • No downtime

  • Delivered at your comfort level

What can a ThermiVa treatment do?

  • Improve genitalia appearance by tightening and firming the labia for a tighter, smaller profile.

  • Improve sexual function by tightening up the vaginal canal for improved sexual sensation.

  • Many women report that they are experiencing better and more frequent orgasms.

  • Increase nerve sensitivity for greater sensation and control.

  • Increase the strength of pelvic floor contractions.

  • Improved vaginal moisture inside and outside or softer and thicker vulva/vaginal skin.

  • Many patients report they no longer need to use sexual lubricants.

  • Improved confidence and enjoyment of life and self-esteem.

  • Correction of mild to moderate incontinence or hyperactive bladder.

  • Tightening of the prolapse organs (bladder, uterus, vagina, small bowel and rectum) that may improve the condition to some degree, potentially making reconstructive surgery unnecessary.

How Many ThermiVa Treatments Will I Need?

Kalia physicians typically recommend an average of three ThermiVa treatments with about 30 days between them for optimal results. The 30 days of waiting give your tissues time to rebuild between treatments.

To regain control of your body and your most intimate relationships, call Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center or book a consultation online for treatments with ThermiVa today.

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